Never Too Old To Be Read To

As parents we are frequently told about the importance of reading aloud to our children. It's not just important to developing early literacy skills, it also can have a significant impact on behavior and empathy. But it doesn't have to stop once they are able to break out the chapter books and read to themselves. While studies and experts agree that there are additional benefits to reading to older children, including increasing fluency, vocabulary, and overall reading success, reading aloud to our big kids goes beyond academics.


Why This Lutheran Teacher Supports Public Education

After spending the first seven years of my educational career (from pre-school to fifth grade) in a Lutheran school of some kind, I believed that I would spend the rest of my life in Lutheran schools. Then my family moved to Wyoming a couple months into my sixth grade year. After years of being given … Continue reading Why This Lutheran Teacher Supports Public Education

Why I’ll Stay In Lutheran Education

The desk sat empty. My sixth period avoided looking at it and instead looked to me. I had had eighteen hours to figure out how I was going to handle the empty desk, the desk that had the potential to sit empty for the remainder of the semester unless someone decided they could sit in it. But it … Continue reading Why I’ll Stay In Lutheran Education

To Redshirt or Not To Redshirt

I was a June baby. In fact, I graduated from high school a couple days before my eighteenth birthday. When I started kindergarten over 30 years ago, the state of Michigan required new kindergarteners to be five years old before December, six months after my fifth birthday. While my kindergarten teacher warned my mom that … Continue reading To Redshirt or Not To Redshirt