Camping Made Me Whole Again

More than that, I can't put a numerical value on the way that finally getting back out of the house and back into nature helped to heal me when I was the most broken, the most alone, and the most frustrated I have been in my adult life. It took me away from my computer and my cell phone (mostly), provided me with outdoor exercise, and helped me to reconnect with my family. It got me away from a house that I simultaneously loved and loathed, keeping me from obsessively planning how we were going to afford or find the time for the next renovation project. It took me out of a city that often felt like a shoe that didn't fit right, pinching my toes and scraping my heel. Most importantly, it brought me face to face with my Creator as I marvelled at the trees, hills, waterfalls, shorelines, sunsets, and stars that make up creation. At a time where even church didn't always feel like a perfect fit, He was showing me where I still fit into His big picture, reminding me that even in the difficult seasons, He is the master of all.


Burros, Rocks, and Hot Springs – Campsmas 2019

The last time we went to Big Bend, we rushed our way through the 800,000 acre park in less than six hours. This time we had three full days. We could take our time and explore the things we wanted to explore without rushing through each point of interest. To give an idea of how … Continue reading Burros, Rocks, and Hot Springs – Campsmas 2019

Two Days of Travel – Campsmas 2019

When I was a kid, my uncle started using the phrase, “We can’t be late, we’re on vacation.” I’m sure that he was far from the first person to make that excuse for not getting to family gatherings at the expected time, but it was something that I eventually believed was a good life philosophy … Continue reading Two Days of Travel – Campsmas 2019

Let’s Try This Again – Campsmas 2019

This time last year I was desperately trying to hold onto the dreams that I had for our Christmas vacation. The government shutdown had not ended and we were preparing to head to southwest Texas without knowing whether or not Big Bend National Park would still be open by the time we got there. We … Continue reading Let’s Try This Again – Campsmas 2019

Camp Hair, Don’t Care

No, I don't feel like I can pull an Alicia Keys and go 100% natural all the time, but I'm doing the best I can. Instead of sorting through photos to find the ones in which I look my very best, I've started accepting pictures of me enjoying the moment. I've concluded that wild animals and mosquitoes don't care about how I look. And I've chosen to listen to my encouraging husband when he pulls me into his arms and calls me beautiful, wrinkles and all.