Burros, Rocks, and Hot Springs – Campsmas 2019

The last time we went to Big Bend, we rushed our way through the 800,000 acre park in less than six hours. This time we had three full days. We could take our time and explore the things we wanted to explore without rushing through each point of interest. To give an idea of how … Continue reading Burros, Rocks, and Hot Springs – Campsmas 2019


Two Days of Travel – Campsmas 2019

When I was a kid, my uncle started using the phrase, “We can’t be late, we’re on vacation.” I’m sure that he was far from the first person to make that excuse for not getting to family gatherings at the expected time, but it was something that I eventually believed was a good life philosophy … Continue reading Two Days of Travel – Campsmas 2019

A Day For Remembrance – A Reprint

I wrote the following piece six years ago when Jeff and I made a stop at the Flight 93 Memorial on our way to Gettysburg. This is reprinted from the original Blogger post. There are some moments in a relationship that you don't forget. I especially remember one fight that my husband and I had … Continue reading A Day For Remembrance – A Reprint

A Letter to Twenty-Year-Old Me, Before You Leave for a Semester Abroad

You are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. After months of convincing Mom and Dad that this is a good idea, planning out everything you want to see and do, and working every shift possible during the summer, you are ready. You think you know the impact this will have on your life, but take comfort in knowing that you don't know anything, and that will make the next three months so much better. This journey will change you and set you on a path that is even better than the life you are imagining for yourself right now, the memories and the lessons sticking with you long after you return to the States.

South Llano and Monahans Sandhills – Vacation 2019

We looked across the expanse of sand and the kids took off down the dune, ready to explore the next one. We shortened the dogs’ leashes and let them take off after the kids, both of them happily running through the sand to protect their people. We spent the next hour waiting for the sunset, climbing to the top of the next dune and then sitting at the top while we watched our kids play and roll in the sand.